Sunday, January 27, 2019

Neutralising wastes and acides with natron and looking for healthy sushi

I have not written long times, im sorry.

What just happend: My old laptop died one day before the new laptop arrived. lol
Im really glad, that i only was without a laptop for one day.

Im sick again, or however much sicker. I caught a cold some weeks ago and typically i dont recover from it. I tried to clean up my flat today but after several hours i became so exhaused that i felt rellay, really bad. Looks like i have to stay in bed for longer. -.-
Im happy that a doctor prescribed my medicine and that i have a working laptop at least.

Recently iv been trying to neutralise the waste-acids in my skin and body. I belive to have some due to chronic various symptoms.

However, im not stating that this works 100% and im also not stating that there ARE DEFINETLY too much acids in our tissues. I mean, this is not an officially proven fact.

I only try it out to neutralise these acids, because its cheap, im ill and its worth a trial!

Usually you can do that with an alcalic bath but i can not do it because it damages my bleached hair. I dont know how drying it is for natural healthy hair (which i never had^^), but bleached, damaged and sick hair is much more delicate.

Thats why i soak some clothing peaces in natron water instead. Just warm water mixed with a god amount of natron powder.
I already soaked my socks, my gloves and today even a leggings. Yay!

The disadvange is that it has to be worn for a very long time, around several hours. The bathing osmosis begings after a half hour and the longer you stay in contact with it, the more acids are said to be neutralized. The longer, the better!
Its not very comfortable to wear wet clothing pieces for hours and even make them damp again, when they dry. Concentrated natron water is also drying and itchy for the skin. Be very careful if you have sensitive skin and better ask your doctor first!

Everytime i wore wet natron clothes for several hours i noticed some sice effects. I began to feel somehow a bit weak and thirsty and exhuasted. Also i got more hungy. Somehow i feeled kinda drained and even a bit shaky. Yes, i would definetly say, its an exhausting procedure.
The use of high concentrated natron water on a vaster body area should be done with caution. Especially if you have low blood pressure and are not hydrated enough or eaten enough. Better do it in relaxation and maybe dont do too much sports, while doing it.

Afterwards i felt somehow better, like newer, fresher, lighter and less carrying weight in life. I even felt younger . (Not that i need it, since i look 10 years younger than i am already)
I felt to apprear less scarred by life and had the feeling that also others see me as fresher and younger!
Afterwards i even felt like people think im a teenager or a student... (this is very hilarious but i really do look extremely young)

Yeah, it is just hope that lets me try out things like that and wear wt clothes for hours and its also the great wish to improve. (Its not harmful and i have no sensitive skin and its really cheap if the natron is ordnered in high amounts)

Of course, i have to repeat this process many times. Wastes and acids from more than 20 year wont be neutralised within some several hours. ^^

I plan to go out with natron water wet clothes in summer. I want to to this especially on the legs, where my only problem zone is.

I should wear brighter and patterned clothes, otherwise white natron staines are visible.

Better dont use natron wet socks in good leather shoes, i think it may be bad for the leather, maykig it dry and easier to break.

Have fun!

Im afraid i have to stay in bed for a while. *sigh*

Recently im thinkig about a way to make healthier sushi rice. I really love japanese and asian cooking but normally id NEVER eat white rice. With furikake, its very, very delicious though and id like to eat it more often.
I will try to find whole grain rice suitable for sushi and there is maybe even the option to germinate this rice first. That would rellay be the ultimate suhsi. From germinated whole grain rice, isnt it? :-D

But im still stuck on the level learning to steam cook the perfect sushi rice. Aww, japanese stuff... Everything is a discipline for itself and needs decades to be learned perfectly. -.- Typical and lovely. *sigh*

If i can make perfect rice i will dare to try out more expensive rice breeds.

I yet made onigiri:

I just looooooove the taste of rice and furikake.

And here i made a dish that totally tasted like avocado maki as a dish. It was very good, even though the avocado was poor quality.

I feels good to type the language this keyboard is made for.^^ Its such a pain to type german on the US International keyboard. I have to type AltGr and Y for Ü, AltGr and Q for Ä AltGr and P forÖ.
Unfortunalty it happends very often that i hit AltGR and a wrong key instead and get a shortcut fuction pressed. Really annoying. But im a good learner, and will get used to it.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Cherry red dr martens and mixed grains


I just won an auction on dr martens 3 eye cherry red shoes!!!!

I managed to get them very cheap with my ebay sniper app. I only have to pay 36,96€ in total, including shippin and that for shoes that are almost new. Im very happy about it. Now i can switch between my black ones and these. And i have special plans for the cherry red ones *diabolic laughter*
I plan to treat them with black shoe polish so it will create an interesting effect. Im sure this looks good and also more "left" when i combine that with the rainbow shoelaces. And i will polish them very glossy as well. :-D
Btw.: My black dr martens are my most favourite shoes right now, i just look so good in them. :-D *sigh*.
I also bought 3 tins of shoe polish, "Erdal". The frog of the brand wears a crown, just the brandlogo is so lovely silly:

I like the old style frog better.
However, it hope its good enough for all my leather shoes and also to give the red ones a good effect.

Here is a picture of dr martens that are treated with black shoe polish. Looks really good!

Even wearing all black always i think i could go with darkened cherry red shoes.

And i think these shoes are the better candidate for the rainbow gradient shoelaces.

This time i prepared extra healthy basic food:

It contains:

Black rice, black lentils, lentils, kidney beans, millet, wheat, rye, barley, oat and spelt.

I let it soak for about 16 hours (to reduce the phytic acid by 90%) and cooked it one hour.

Then i ate a bit from it, and let the rest cool for at least 5 hours, to create some resistant starch.

I think its really true, since i let my food cool down for hours, i need to eat much less and are full for much longer!
I think, its really good to do it and everyone who is health concerned should do it!

I wonder if cooling for a day can reduce the phytic acid to absolute zero...... Could be true.

And it tastes really gread when reheated and lightly roasted in a pan. I wonder if reheating can destroys the resistant starch again...  But i dont wanna eat some ice cold grains when i come home out of the cold!!! :-D You know?
 Here it is, still steaming:
Believe me, that food is very healthy for the nerves and also the mind. It enhances creativity, a very clear awareness of anything, much concenrtation and a very very good mood!
If you suffer from stress, or depression or a lack of concentration, or a burnout, i can really recommend it! But you have to eat it often for these boosting effects. It works.

Eat it with mixed vegetables for best effects. Eat apples and nuts as a dessert.

I belive good food can make people more intelligent! (and much more happy)

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I wanna buy a new laptop - or a macbook?

Hello, Friends!

As you know, i wrote about my pink vaio laptop a lot.
For me, my laptop is one of the most important devices i own. The laptop is like a window to the world. (The smartphone is a peek hole, rather^^)
Especially when i have to spend much time just lying in bed and resting. Mentally im still awake and active and always full of ideas, interests, wish to communicate and do shopping and with the other eye i watch tv^^.
The laptop enables me to do all that from my bed. :-D

That's why a laptop is of greatest importance to me and probably everyone who is chronically ill.

My last laptop broke because of usage in bed. The power jack was protruding at the rear and always rubbed at my leg. After one year, the power jack was loose and had a loose connection. 
Even if Id switch the power jack out for a new one, it will break again, again and again. And before the power jacks breaks, the charging cable beaks near the connecetor, rips open until sparks are coming of the wire! You even could get eletrocuted!

Its just a design failure.
Or it is just a business laptop. To be used on a table. Or on your lap for a short time while your sitting upright. But mostly on a table.

But the thinkpad t420 is not a bedtop... And what i need is a bedtop.^^

The Sony vaio I'm currently using has the power jack at the left side, so it cant be destroyed within a short time. I like my laptop but somehow its also not perfectly suited for my needs.
I noticed that the device is quite heavy when i have it on top of me for a long time... The wight is also a problem when I put it away with one hand and put it back on my lap (what i do very often).
The other problem is the very, very load fan. Luckily I'm absolutely not sensitive to noises. But the fan is so loud, that i have to turn the volume of the tv up.... And that's not great.

The other thing that disturbes me a lot is the development of heat. The device becomes really hot and I'm very sensitive to heat. With the device in a small to medium sized room you do not need to heat anymore...... Really. And that sucks.

The device heats, the fan cools and all that also cost electricity and money.... Thats also an aspect.

I once used a diagnostic software to tell if my heat development is still normal and i think it is. Some laptops get hotter and some have a louder fan than others....

And honestly im not sooo pleased with the sony vaio in these categories.

But its mostly really the size and weight why i plan to buy myself a second laptop.
I wanna be able to easily move it with one hand and it should be comfortable to have on my lap for very long times. It should not have too sharp edges, too! (That's also a source of pain in extended laptop usage!) The edge is squeezing my rib cage after 10 hours of laptop usage... (somehow i sound like a real sissy to myself  "Oow, my laptop edge hurts..." Firstworldproblems...)
Yeah, maybe i suffer more from the weight and sharp edges of my laptop, since i lost weight. Too less fat covering my rib cage? :-D :-D :-D Or is it that I'm not used anymore to carry heavy? (I'm rather light NOW)
I know i have had much bigger, heavier and sharper-edged devices many years ago. Ok, but at that time, i was happy that i even had ANY laptop.

First i wanted to have a laptop, that is colorful and nice looking, not a black or silver one.
But then i made up my mind and considered that i really need a comfortable (small, light, silent, cool) laptop with the best hardware specs that are affordable for me. (affordable means below 200€ or maximum 250€)
There almost is only one brand left that fulfills that wishes... Guess it, its not hard to guess.

Of course, its lenovo with Thinkpad!

I kinda really like thinkpads and had 3 in my life. With one of them i was really in love!!!
I found it ultra stylish. It has a very tasteful style that even matches my linking for darkness and gore, since the device is black-red. I really loved the "bento style" or clamshell of how ever to call it. Its so simple and plain yet dainty! I masterpiece of design. Somehow the black-red and the graceful noble design gave me a kind of classy casket feeling. Somehow vampiric!!!! And that was what i totally enjoyed about the old thinkpads! Even suiting my metalhead taste!!!

But what is talk without an example picture:
 Somehow it matches such a style in my opinion:

Or not? I think, it does. :-D
I think that's funny. And i really do like such styles.

Most likely, i will buy a used Lenovo Thinkpad ultrabook. I prefere a x250 right now, since it has a Much better touchpad than the x240. And a better CPU as well. That will be worth the 50-70€ more, I'm sure of it. Its also a bit lighter.
That's it: Its really slim and only 12,5".

Its so small and light, i could juggle it around with one hand, and so durable, it wont even be broken if i drop it!^^

 Nah, this is a joke.
 I will be able to lift and carry it around with one hand easily. I also miss the durability of the thinkpad chassises to be honest, my sony vaio clearly cant competide with it.
I also miss the stability of  the display hinges of thinkpads, they are always perfect...

Yeah, the x250 is maybe not so typically stylish, but it also has not sharp edge that hurts your ribcage. :-D
Look at it!
Its rather plain. I plan to put some stickers of dripping blood onto it, that will go extremely well with the red trackpoint and the red touchpach button linings. Uh, yeah! ( I still cant stop to customize!!!! Its an addiction!!!!)
The desktop and Windows design i used to have in black-red on thinkpads with Gore-Fonts, that looked very cool and emphasized the vampiric touch to it.
I think this will look great on a thinkpad. I made a graphic with paint:
 I just made it in two minutes and its crappy, but i think it will look cool on a think pad. ^^ By the way, toooo bad is that the keyboard backlit isnt red!!!! I could throw a tantrum about that! Why not reeeeeeeed? (that would looook soooo cooooool, aaaarghh!) (Please Lenovo, if you read it, take my criticism serious!)

Update: Now i already HAVE this laptop with the blood stickers put on and i cant help but laughing how exactly my laptop looks like this graphic. :-)

(As if Lenovo ever going to read poor little Kello Hitty´s Blog... -.- )

I once made a Wallpaper especially for Thinkpads. Maybe i can find it agin...
Howevery, maybe i will be happy to have a device in male design, too.^^ Im already hello-kittied enough from my phones^^. Maybe i also wanna "communicate" *wiggle my butt in a funny way* another design language, sometimes...

By the way: I ONLY use windows, because i use a certain software to watch tv on the laptop. Its some windows-only software, unluckily. Maybe there are alternate softwares for this on linux, but this is so far the only tv software i had, that works well.
The software itself needs some amount of hardware resources of course, and it would be pretty silly to run it in a Windows emulator.... Just the thought of it makes my Sony Vaio fan blow really loud!
That's currently the only reason, i still use Windows. :-( I dont like it too much. And its ugly! And WIn 10 is even more ugly. And Win 8 is so ugly, the "tiles" make me wanna puke really hard!

Do you have a better idea for me? Tell me! Also if you know a very good (free) software to watch tv in the internet for linux. Tell me, tell me, please!
I already read a lot of information about different notebooks.

Somehow the thought "macbook" appeared in my head, too. So, now i gather information about macbooks. About macbooks that i could afford myself after i save money for a long time.
Current macbooks are ridiculously expensive, oh Lord!
 I really wonder, whats the target goup for that. Higher middle class or upper class  or the filthy richs probably. I will never reach that, never even smell that. ^^

With savign very much money i could afford myself a macbok pro A1278 as an absolute upper limit. This device has 4-8gb and 2,66GHz Intel Core 2Duo.
*sigh* I can not imagine how fast this might be or ot.
If i buy Lenovo Thinkpad, i will get better specs for far less money. BUT i learned that apple products or faster even with weaker internals. My iphone is the best example.

Before i had it, i was so uncertain bout the battery. 1700mah? Pathetic!
No, it lasts two days in medium to heavy usage. This must be the apple-magic.
The phone is pretty fast, fluent, reliable and i have pretty many graphic tweaks installed at the same time and graphics are still fluent. Its a very good device and also worth the money.

Goes the same for a macbook? Will i be absolutely amazed and delighted when i have it?
This somehow lures me, but right now i simply have no imagination what to expect from it. I NEVER used mac os in my life. Today i shortly looked at a macbook in an electronic store for the first time at my life.

That's it, and on the other hand i have some experience with thinkpads, i had 3 or so in my life. I know the feeling of a thinkpad and i know EXACTLY what to expect from it. I can imagine the thinkpad so detailed, as if it already lays on my lap. Its also nice and has some appeal! There is a wanna-have factor, that I do not have for any macbook (yet).
What i love among macbooks is the enormous diversity of supplies and accessories. As you know, i LOVE cases. I´d put everything in a case, if possible. (And the case in another case^^ (joke)) An every thing must have a screenprotector and a keyboard cover and of course dustplugs in fancy colors in every hole....
That i wand cases and supplies is maybe some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder.

That's the first reason i started to crave an iphone! The great cases and screen protectors for it. And there are cases for macbooks too, how nice!!! In any design and texture...
And the same goes for keyboard covers....
 Tell me, this isn't lovely!!! And i tell me, you lie!!! ^^ Or this here: A gradient hard case:

When i browse through ebay and look at all the used macbooks, i think if only those cruel people had put a hard case on it.

Some are in very bad optical condition. Full of dents and bruises and everything! How can you buy such an expensive laptop, then don't put it in a case (even though there are tons of cases for that) and trough it around!?!?
Its blasphemic...
One offer of a used macbook said, that the dent came when the macbook fell on the floor tiles from the table. Hello!?
How can you let your macbook just fall from the table on a tiled floor?

I really doubt such people who literally through their (unprotected) expensive electronics around...

And poor Kello Hitty here is so poor he must buy a (mis)used laptop in horrible condition, that hurts him in the soul to seee...

I always treat my devices with greatest care! Never dropped a laptops not a phone yet!
Ok, i admit a have better reflexes than many people. Even if i drop something i catch it in the fall. But i don't drop something important!

If i hear of all the people who drop their phones and their laptops, i silently think, these people maybe shouldn't get a baby.... The babies only become clumsy too from being dropped so often... Then Humanity becomes extinct. The end.

Ok, back to the mac!
The materials and quality is also very good. The touch and feel must be gorgeous! It never gets very warm nor loud. The sound is good.

Im afraid, thinkpad x250 has a very weak and tinny sound... I'm afraid i wont be too happy with it.
But the sound of my sony vaio is also bad, im just used to it. (The sound on my thinkpad t410 was better than on the sony vaio)
Maybe the sound of X250 IS kinda bad, but still better than my sound now, lol.
I will take myself time to decide whats the best laptop for me. Maybe i will wait until february next year.

Update: I bought a Thinkpad x250 now. It has 8gb ram, Intel I5 processor 5200u, keyboard backlit (important) and has an us keyboard layout, so i can fit this handy keyboard cover on it:
 I think this is more hygienic and handy for people who always use to eat and drink above the laptop.^^

Fits only the us keyboard layout.

I read that a phone screen protector film can be put on the touch pad. I gonna do this, to avoid that:

I think, Lenovo could have done better with the wear resistace of th touch pad on the T410...

I will use a glittering phone screen protecor film for the new trackpad and cut it to the exact sice of the trackpad.
Maybe it will be awesome!

And i finally created an new desktop wallpaper for that thing:

It will fit perfecly to the device and to the blood dripping stickers, im going to put on it!!!! 
Note that there is also blood dripping from the I-Point in ThinPad.

Now, to face the next question: What OS?
Sorry, but if i watch the win 10 design i could puke actual shaprd edged tiles and bricks. I find it sooo incredibly ugly, its pure  aesthetic disdain!

Im sorry, but i can not accept this. Id rather have a little bit worse performance under win 7 than that indescribable ugliness.
I asked the seller, if he can put win 7 on it, and if not i will see, how to get win 7 on it. But Windows 10 - NO!!!!

I have Windows 7 now, too. I maybe make the taskbar red then and use some dripping blood fonts as well.

Update: I bought this laptop and its already sent out to me. I was so hoping to get it today on 31.12.18 but i have to have a little more patience. 

Update:  Look at it, now:
 Doesnt it looks like i wanted it to look? :-) I mean like my graphic. Honestly, it was really a lot a work to trim the blood sticker myself. (The blood drops on the uppter edge were all to long to fit the area.)
I had to trim these stickers relly much and it was very exhausting to do.
 But i think, the result is very cool. I call it "bloodpad" now^^

Its very creative and nobody else has such a thinkpad. Covering the trackpad with a phone screen protector foil really works and feels very good. I also like the glossyness of it. Cutting it out with rounded corners is very difficult and even the corner rounding looks perfekt, it will have a halo effect there afterwards, which is hard to avoid whenever you cut screenprotecor foil with scissors manually.  
Im getting to used to the american keybord layout and typing ä,ü,ö and ß on my keyboard daily. It works with the international keyboard installed and i can get used to it.

Also i customized the look and feel of Windows 10 very much. For example i have short creepy laughters as system sounds, a chopped off hand as a cursor and very fancy designs. Here is an example of my customizations:
I have a red eye as a start orb, a rainbow colored task bar, fancy icons, transparent window title bars, sometimes light pink bachgrounds and much red blood fonts everywhere ^^ 

First i wanted to make everything black and red, but that was somehow too dark for me.
The laptop is in a very good conditon with almost no scratches and no signs of wear. I was sooo happy about that! The keyboard layout is us which is great as i look forward my keyboard cover, that is yet to be delivered.

I have the model with the little bit better processor, (i5 53000u) even i paid for the little bit weaker processor,(i5 52000u) also that was i great luck!

The laptop works absolutely fine and flawless. I really love it! The only thing, that i could not get to work yet, is setting the battery charging thresholds to 40%-80% each.
Lenovo vantage is not working correctly for me.
 I relly love the new laptop and i cant wait until the keyboard protector arrvies. (I always use laptops in bed and also eat and drink next to it, so it doenst takes long until crubs and dust want to get in the keyboard. Also i tent to type very, very hard. I know its a bad habit... A thin silicone layer covering the keyboard would be very fine for me)

I cant set up everything perfect now, i caught a cold and im in bed. But i still insisted on cooking:
With redwine sauce, so yummy, healthy and almost no carb. 

It only art nothing more, ok? I listen to metal, this is enough to justify this. Im a sweethart as a person and mostly very brightly happy. 
 Here, now the Stickers are completed:
So cool!
And i also already put some anti blue light foil on the screen. Which is a good idea because this model of laptop can get the screen scrathed by the keys. But mostly im very concerned for my aldready very bad eyes full of problems.
I recently moved from firefox to google chrome. The only reason is that chrome has rounded tabs and i prefere rounded desings. I already made my own theme for it:
Isnt that aesthetic ^^? Its pink, its retro windows and has gameboys. Lots of good memories. And its mathing my task bar theming perfectly. :-D

I worked hard to let the tabs look a little bit sceomorphic, like 3 diemensional paper cards. Note the upper right edge, where the "gap" between the lat tab and the menu is.^^ Also the "gab"before the first tab.
I think, that give it a little more life and depths. 

I still wait desperatly for the keyboard cover every working day and im such a neurotic person, that i fear to have the keyboard worn down, before the silicone cover arrived here^^ (Joke)
Lets hope together, it will arrive here tomorrow!

By the way: google chrome comes with an own task mamager. This make me finally idenitify the culprit of the laptop warming that i had in every laptop. (I already was afraid, its the faul of my customizations).
No. The reason is the facebok tab alone. Period.

This is kinda shoking. I already knew that facebook is some sort of a monster or a malignat tumor that grows and grows. Consider the gaming option in the chat window as a metastasis. (Who in the works plays games in the chat window?!?!?!?)

But that the closed facebook tab itself is enough to heat my laptop and burn my lap?!?!?!?!
And therefore also wear down my devices and destroyes my laptop!!!

Not to mention to burn my lap!!! 
This is also a way to teke over the word....

Honestly. Facebook is pure evil. Quit it! 

It destroys your devices and your fertility.

 And enhaces global warming. And many more bad thing.

Monday, December 10, 2018

New Puma Fenty (Rihanna) creepers

Well, some month ago, i wrote about puma fenty creepers.

Yes, the shoes that are designed by Rhianna...

I kinda like these shoes. I love creepers, but they have their disadvantages:
  • Some creepers rip very fast and are bad quality even if they were expensive
  • you cant be sure about the size
  • they look "weird" or bizarre to some "normal" people
  • i tend to slip out of them so much that i almost can´t walk in them
  • quality is expensive but these shoes doesn't resell too good
  • i cant walk too well in them
I didn't wanted to buy too expensive brand creepers, just in case they ain't worth it.
  • I once got "Shelleys" brand creepers and the sole ripped off very soon! It ripped off after fixed by the cobbler, a second time, too. They were very heavy. The whole thing was disappointing.
That's why I'm so interested in the Rhianna creepers. They still also look like a sneaker and wont get too much attention in public.
Its very easy to walk in them and they are enormously comfortable. I like the black velvet ones best, of course. I really love black velvet! The prices vary from 30€ (used of course) to above 200€, depending on your luck and offers in your country.

I once got original puma creepers for 55€. They were good but unluckily too big. I made the mistake to take the described size for real. So 24.5 cm for size 5.5....
My feet are exactly 24.5cm. However i need the insole of the shoe to be 24.5cm (and not much bigger!)

When the shoe is described to be 24.5 cm it means, they "fit" people with 24.5 cm feet. "Fit" only means, they are definitely not too small and they "fit" with two pairs of thick socks....
That's totally stupid in my opinion. Too big shoes are also orthopedically unhealthy!
Too big shoes can look very stupid on small people!!! Belive me, i know it...

I once ordered 3 eye boots and i made sure they were 24.5 cm.
When thy arrived, they were literally 2 sizes too big and looked like clown shoes! The seller justified this, stating they´d fit 24.5cm. I was very angry about that stupidity!

Hello!? We don't live in the after-war-time anymore, where you´d want rather too big shoes, than too small shoes!  (or no shoes)

 My experience is that the described cm measurement for many shoes is wrong. Its wrong for the puma creepers and its also wrong for Dr martens for example.
I have size uk 4 in Dr martens. They are described to be 23 cm. Yeah, but my feet are 24.5cm! And size 5 is definitely too big for me, its shaking and slipping around.
You know what i mean?

Enough of anguish, now.^^

Here are my new (perfectly fitting) Puma Fenty creepers: (They are a 5, officially described to be 24cm)

 To be honest, I'm not 100% sure, if they are original or not.
They look great, they feel great, great stitchings and they are very comfortable.

But the smell.... the smell smells a bit too much like chinese factory (not that this has to be anything necessarily bad)

 The original ones, that i have had, had not that smell. Barely any smell at all....
That makes me wonder if my new ones are really original.

The seller says that they are. (who knows...)

But the price.... They were only 40€.... How is that possible?

However, they look perfect, fit perfect and I'm happy that i have them. (Especially now, since i have a blister from my new dr martens-.-)

 Maybe the originals i have had, had no smell because they were used and lay around for a time....
 Or maybe i jut wanna believe that these are originals, because i like them.... :-)

And here comes a pic of the same shoes that were definitely original: (except the laces, i replaced them)

I like them (my new ones) and they are very comfortable. They have a little platform sole about 4cm and make you a little bit bigger.

However, they are a little big... chunky at all and don't let you look much slimmer!
Also because they are a little padded.

I think the other reason for this, is that they have a very, very comfortable width. Especially at the middle of the foot and the heel. (Maybe Rhianna's has such broad feet herself^^. Hahahahaha)
For me, its almost a bit too wide, but if you need wide shoes, it could be a good option.
I also think they are almost a little bit too comfortable. Maybe I'm just not used to such comfortable shoes.

My resume is: They look good and i look good in them, but they are not fantastic. So you will not have tiny little asian princess feet in them and also not look the slimmest possible in them...^^  (Just that you know that)

I would recommend these shoes best for tall people. For tall and thin people and rather not for too small people.
Just that you know it.

Of course, feel free to get them if you're very small and obese if you want to.^^

If you want shoes in which you look taller and the slimmest and best way possible, rather go for dr martens 3 eyes. ^^

Mine (maybe fake, but if yes, very good fake) were from Aliepress. I can definitely recommend them!
They arrived in a plain plastic package without box and luckily without custom fees. (Can still happen that custom services catch them... be warned!)

Update: Yesterday i wore them for 13 km. The 13 km were walked so easily and painlessly, i wasn't even noticing that i walked so much and was suprised when i looked on the km counter.
And after that walk, i felt very, very great! I felt like I was beaming. Yes, walking is healthy but in shoes with the perfect comfort it is also pure joy.
After that i can definitely warmly recommend them and also consider to order another pair!

This is still a very different kind of comfort than wearing new dr martens, that arent broken in, yet (What was painful and the shoelace always openend by itself...)
(Somehow the people still hate me when i wear dr martens.... Somehow dr martens dont let me look more sympathic, alas.)

Sunday, December 9, 2018

two colored hair


I'm going to dye my hair in two colors, today.

I will separate it in two vertical parts and dye the one side pink and the other side green.

Never had it like this and look forward to it. Just hope to mot mix these colors up by accident.

First, i washed my hair very thoroughly two times and not used conditioner. Maybe conditioner will make it harder for the coloring pigments to adhere to the hair later. (Or that's what i think)
I let my hair air dry, now.
Then i tried to separate my hair in two equal sections. That was difficult and it turned out to not be made perfectly, but see for yourself:
I mixed the Directions colors flamingo pink and a little bit of violet with warm water in one bowl. For the other i only took apple green and mixed it with warm water.
I personally stopped mixing directions color with hair conditioner and only use water.

Ok, I admit my hair sections didn't became perfectly even...^^
Doesn't matter too much, its winter and i have to wear a broad head band every day.
My usual hairdo is sectioning the upper half of my hair and make it into a pony tail. Then put on my headband to warm my ears. The two colors will surely melange harmonically together in this hairstyle. It looks like much fun and I'm very glad, i did it!

And even more curious how it will come out! :-D :-D :-D Yaaaayyy!

I let the color in my hair for three hours, then flushed it out with cold water and used a good hair conditionier.
This is the result so far:

I love it!!!!

Here, i anonymized myself just for you:
A really cool effect! Too bad, i never wear my hair open.... (And i wont start now)

Conclusion: Its totally worth it! Its not even much additional effort and was easy to do it. I think, i will do that more often from now on. I hope the people will not stare too much at me, tho. 💗^^