Monday, December 10, 2018

New Puma Fenty (Rihanna) creepers

Well, some month ago, i wrote about puma fenty creepers.

Yes, the shoes that are designed by Rhianna...

I kinda like these shoes. I love creepers, but they have their disadvantages:
  • Some creepers rip very fast and are bad quality even if they were expensive
  • you cant be sure about the size
  • they look "weird" or bizarre to some "normal" people
  • i tend to slip out of them so much that i almost can´t walk in them
  • quality is expensive but these shoes doesn't resell too good
  • i cant walk too well in them
I didn't wanted to buy too expensive brand creepers, just in case they ain't worth it.
  • I once got "Shelleys" brand creepers and the sole ripped off very soon! It ripped off after fixed by the cobbler, a second time, too. They were very heavy. The whole thing was disappointing.
That's why I'm so interested in the Rhianna creepers. They still also look like a sneaker and wont get too much attention in public.
Its very easy to walk in them and they are enormously comfortable. I like the black velvet ones best, of course. I really love black velvet! The prices vary from 30€ (used of course) to above 200€, depending on your luck and offers in your country.

I once got original puma creepers for 55€. They were good but unluckily too big. I made the mistake to take the described size for real. So 24.5 cm for size 5.5....
My feet are exactly 24.5cm. However i need the insole of the shoe to be 24.5cm (and not much bigger!)

When the shoe is described to be 24.5 cm it means, they "fit" people with 24.5 cm feet. "Fit" only means, they are definitely not too small and they "fit" with two pairs of thick socks....
That's totally stupid in my opinion. Too big shoes are also orthopedically unhealthy!
Too big shoes can look very stupid on small people!!! Belive me, i know it...

I once ordered 3 eye boots and i made sure they were 24.5 cm.
When thy arrived, they were literally 2 sizes too big and looked like clown shoes! The seller justified this, stating they´d fit 24.5cm. I was very angry about that stupidity!

Hello!? We don't live in the after-war-time anymore, where you´d want rather too big shoes, than too small shoes!  (or no shoes)

 My experience is that the described cm measurement for many shoes is wrong. Its wrong for the puma creepers and its also wrong for Dr martens for example.
I have size uk 4 in Dr martens. They are described to be 23 cm. Yeah, but my feet are 24.5cm! And size 5 is definitely too big for me, its shaking and slipping around.
You know what i mean?

Enough of anguish, now.^^

Here are my new (perfectly fitting) Puma Fenty creepers: (They are a 5, officially described to be 24cm)

 To be honest, I'm not 100% sure, if they are original or not.
They look great, they feel great, great stitchings and they are very comfortable.

But the smell.... the smell smells a bit too much like chinese factory (not that this has to be anything necessarily bad)

 The original ones, that i have had, had not that smell. Barely any smell at all....
That makes me wonder if my new ones are really original.

The seller says that they are. (who knows...)

But the price.... They were only 40€.... How is that possible?

However, they look perfect, fit perfect and I'm happy that i have them. (Especially now, since i have a blister from my new dr martens-.-)

 Maybe the originals i have had, had no smell because they were used and lay around for a time....
 Or maybe i jut wanna believe that these are originals, because i like them.... :-)

And here comes a pic of the same shoes that were definitely original: (except the laces, i replaced them)

I like them (my new ones) and they are very comfortable. They have a little platform sole about 4cm and make you a little bit bigger.

However, they are a little big... chunky at all and don't let you look much slimmer!
Also because they are a little padded.

I think the other reason for this, is that they have a very, very comfortable width. Especially at the middle of the foot and the heel. (Maybe Rhianna's has such broad feet herself^^. Hahahahaha)
For me, its almost a bit too wide, but if you need wide shoes, it could be a good option.
I also think they are almost a little bit too comfortable. Maybe I'm just not used to such comfortable shoes.

My resume is: They look good and i look good in them, but they are not fantastic. So you will not have tiny little asian princess feet in them and also not look the slimmest possible in them...^^  (Just that you know that)

I would recommend these shoes best for tall people. For tall and thin people and rather not for too small people.
Just that you know it.

Of course, feel free to get them if you're very small and obese if you want to.^^

If you want shoes in which you look taller and the slimmest and best way possible, rather go for dr martens 3 eyes. ^^

Mine (maybe fake, but if yes, very good fake) were from Aliepress. I can definetyl recmmend them!
They arrived in a plain plastic package without box and luckily without custom fees. (Can still happen that custom services catch them... be warned!)

Sunday, December 9, 2018

two colored hair


I'm going to dye my hair in two colors, today.

I will separate it in two vertical parts and dye the one side pink and the other side green.

Never had it like this and look forward to it. Just hope to mot mix these colors up by accident.

First, i washed my hair very thoroughly two times and not used conditioner. Maybe conditioner will make it harder for the coloring pigments to adhere to the hair later. (Or that's what i think)
I let my hair air dry, now.
Then i tried to separate my hair in two equal sections. That was difficult and it turned out to not be made perfectly, but see for yourself:
I mixed the Directions colors flamingo pink and a little bit of violet with warm water in one bowl. For the other i only took apple green and mixed it with warm water.
I personally stopped mixing directions color with hair conditioner and only use water.

Ok, I admit my hair sections didn't became perfectly even...^^
Doesn't matter too much, its winter and i have to wear a broad head band every day.
My usual hairdo is sectioning the upper half of my hair and make it into a pony tail. Then put on my headband to warm my ears. The two colors will surely melange harmonically together in this hairstyle. It looks like much fun and I'm very glad, i did it!

And even more curious how it will come out! :-D :-D :-D Yaaaayyy!

I let the color in my hair for three hours, then flushed it out with cold water and used a good hair conditionier.
This is the result so far:

I love it!!!!

Here, i anonymized myself just for you:
A really cool effect! Too bad, i never wear my hair open.... (And i wont start now)

Conclusion: Its totally worth it! Its not even much additional effort and was easy to do it. I think, i will do that more often from now on. I hope the people will not stare too much at me, tho. 💗^^


Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Dr Martens 3 eye 1460 - I love them!

Hello, Friends!

I seem to be really in luck with shoes! 😀

Today i got some dr martens that are really new! The owner only wore them twice, they have no signs of wear. I only had to pay 54€ - for shoes that cost 150€

I'm soooo glaaad, you can believe me that!
I think i never owned such high quality and expensive shoes before...
Usually i joke how little money the clothes i wear only cost.
  • Trousers 3€, jacket 8€, shoes 12€, scarf 0,50€, gloves 1€, etc :-D (don't worry, i have style tho)
 But I really want to look good and not poor. I wanna be treated well. In my city, people judge each other based on simply perfection. How good do you look, how slim/thin are you, how healthy do you look, and of course how good your clothes are... Its very, very superficial here and you are treated so well how good you look. Its sad, but a good look is required to have a good life here... (Its not munich where i live)(Thanks lord, I'm sure munich is even worse!!!)

But enough talk, now i show you the shoes:
As you see, they are perfectly like new:
They really suit me. Do you know, why i prefer 3 eye shoes?
They let me look slimmer. I don't have very thing ankles^^ In boots my ankles even look stronger. That alone lets me look... sturdier. You know what I mean?
If I wear just low shoes, my ankles look the slimmest, because they are only covered by the sock. This is my hint for people with strong ankles^^.
I also think I look a little bigger as in boots.
 Its number 1461.

 Thats my food today. Minced beef with many vegetables in redwine sauce. I used merlot. Served with chicory and balsamic cream.
It tastes great and because there are only a few small purple potatoes in it, its very low carb.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Dr Martens Brogue shoes, i love them

Yeeeaaaaah! Today I'm really in luck!
I got that shoes I wanted and it seems like they fit!
I like that style. It remembers me a bit of 1920s mafia style:
 That age, the gangsters had style unlike today.... ^^   Here they are gain:
I think they have also a clowny touch, somehow i associate Ronald McDonalds^^ Especially the colors. But i like that subtle evil touch of the shoes. In a city fill of crime and rudeness, it cant hurt to look selfassured and able.
They were only 35€ and original dr martens, used but in good condition. A 37, a little bit small. When i came home, i greased the leather with coconut oil and put shoe stretchers inside.
Maybe 38 of my coming shoes is too big for me... Yes I'm a very petite person....^^
 It was a very exhausting day. I slept very bad and when I went to the neurologist by bus, I felt very sick. First i wasn't sure if can make it. I had migraine the whole day... but it was so worth it! I'm very, very glad about the shoes! I walked 10 km today.

And now, after all, i deserve a treat! *leans back, puts feet up*
Its Samyang Buldak Bokkeum meyon and it was soooo delicious, it tasted like the pure love of god. (no blasphemy intended)
It is so spicy that i feel my heart rate is increased. ^^ (I wonder if that's healthy or unhealthy)
And my headache is still bad and i feel really sick... I even wonder, if I'm about to catch a cold.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Maruchan Seimen ramen

I love ramen!

check out: 

It was good! I added some eggs, chicken slices, scallion, chinese morel, goji berries, dried laver.

It was good ramen, much better than the sapporo ichiban stuff! It tasted rich and pure, original japanese and ver satisfying with the egg.

The price tag on the package isnt the right price, i paid 79 cents, since it was a little above the expiring date.
I know instant ramen very well and you can consume it even some month after expiration, its still finde, trust me.

Now i gonna wath tv, while im in the internet, while i play gameboy. *puts feet up* Oh, yeah!

I need to rest and relax because i have had a very active day today and tomorrow, i will have an appointment at the neurologist for an EEG. After that i will buy some more dr martens. :-) Uuuuh, yeah.
Some very nice looking by the way:
They are described to be in a very good condition, only 35€ . A steal. I dont know if they will fit me. If they will fit me, 38 is maybe even too big. I dont know. Yes, i have real angelic lotus feet.^^

Thats fine but the only stressy thing is going everywhere by train. I suffer from motion sickness or any unknown misscondition that is comparable to that.
On top of that, the trains in my city are so crowded, that you sometimes can not fit yourself in anymore, even if you are slim! You gotta have nerves like armthick wires if you want to live a decent life in that city.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Oven baked paprika fries

I´d like to share that wonderful recipe with you - just in case you can buy a whole bag of paprika (10 units lot) for little money.

Vegetable fries are really delicious snacks, healthy, low fat and cheap and easy to make!

Preheat the oven on to 220 degree Celsius.
Cut 3 paprika in slices, that amount fits perfectly on a baking sheet.
Mix these paprika slices with oil and salt. I recommend one or two tablespoons of olive oil and at least one tablespoon of salt. Mix it!
Then put 3-4 Tablespoons of edible starch on it and mix it very well.
Pour 1 tablespoon each of rice flour and corn flour  to it and mix it.

Place the paprika slices even on the baking sheet, so they aren't layering.

Bake until it looks like on the picture. Open the oven after ~10 minutes and let the steam out. Let the steam out several times, if necessary.

I think they need at around 20 minutes.


Hint: Serve as a healthy snack when you have guests or for a party. Also good instead of fries or popcorn for when you are on the couch and watch tv.^^

Disadvantage: They may be high in acrylamid.

Shoes - an endless story

About my problems with shoes.
Shoes are also a big subject in my life. I'm a person, that really enjoys to move. After a walk of 6 miles, i feel absolutely rejuvenated.

Before i caught my chronic mono i was walking everyday for about 6 miles, now alas, i am far not so locomotive anymore. :-(

I still try to walk as much as i can. The result is also that my shoes are worn down inedible fast. I have such a high wear of shoes, that's stunning. I wear the sole off like an eraser gets consumed up by someone who does many many mistakes.
Its no jokes.
Unhealthily, i have a very hard way to set my foot of and i usually walk very very fast.

Once when i still weighed some kgs more, i entered a store and the whole floor was shaking. The shipowner said in an amused way, that i trample like an elephant.^^
Its orthopedically not good to have such a way to walk.

I usually made the following mistake: I bought cheap shoes from the internet or shoe stores.  Even i try them on CAREFULLY or let me tell the exact inch length of the insole online, most shoes just doesn't fit me.
I have complicated feet and i have no idea why, because my feet look really good and i have an average size.

I personally hate too big shoes. As a very small person it looks soo stupid when i walk around with big looking shoes. And if i slip slightly out of shoes it looks even more ridiculous.
Slipping out of shoes happens very easily, my problem is that my front foot is broad and my heel is very very slim. That's the problem.

And even if i have fitting shoes that are comfortable, they will wear down very very quickly.

I wore shoes for 2 days and the first signs of wear and visibly at the sole heel..... My friend was stunned by that.

Now I'm tying something different, i will buy brand shoes instead. I like plain shoes, black, gender neutral shoes that let you look slimmer and a little bigger.

I like shoes as dr martens style (but only 3 eye) even they don't suit me, because i look even more evil and suspicious in them..... *sigh* This is really a problem for me. I don't wanna be noticed as someone evil, but it happens very often. So what, I'm self assured enough to wear what i like and not what suits me or what others like on me. :-D

 I really like brogue shoes as well. And of course, platform shoes!
Platform shoes are very advantagefull for small petite people! They let you look also slimmer and well proportioned. As a small person you can make the maximum out of you with higher shoes.

Oh dear, i got very good news:
I just won an auction on some dr martens! I goth them for only 42€ ! Black, like new, with steel toe!
I'm sooo happy! What a bargain! I hooope they will fit!
38, i bought 38.

Hahahhahahahaha, I'm so happy, really. Even if they don't fit, i can still resell then without a loss.
 Exactly these.
buy dr martens for 45$
How do you like them? How about that shoelace?
To show my real ideology, my real mentality by the look of that RAINBOW shoelace.

I'm afraid that will not fit for a 3 eye shoe.... Maybe i will find a solution...

Otherwise, people full of hate and prejudices will put me in the wrong corner again. :-( But I'm afraid, that will even happen with rainbow shoelaces.... :-(
It hurts me badly and is such a disgusting insult!

I don't know, some stupid young women (mostly), who think they are such good persons always wanna accuse me and hate me, just for the way I look. They think, someone who looks like me must be a bad person. I don't know why. How sad.
I also don't hate them and if i do, never for the way they look! :-)

One friend jokes: Who don't gets insulted to be a Nazi nowadays probably does something wrong. (We are both left)

Ok, i even really found such rainbow gradient shoelaces for 3 eye shoes! 60 cm long.
Hahhahahaha, great. They are intended for children, tho.

Friday, November 30, 2018

The pore vacuum - does it work?


Today the pore vacuum i ordered arrived in the mail!!!

I'm very, very exited to try this out! 😀😀😀😀😀😀

...Er, I know the subject and the physical function of the device is a bit disgusting.
But we are all adults, right? We admit, that we all have pores and natural skin greases.


...And some of us tend to impure skin, unluckily me, too. My skin has gotten a LOT better with Zeolite skinmasks. I can only recommend Zeolite for the skin, honestly. Its much better than even charcoal facial masks.

Touching and picking on ones skin too much isn't healthy, it only leads to even more impurities. But if facial masks with zeolite or charcoal aren't enough to remove deep impurities, i need something stronger.
I googled around, and found devices like this here:

Of course, in pink.^^

I took a before - picture of my skin today when i was at a place with bright light:

(I'm sorry for every detail you see here.... 😅)

Yeah, so it looks... Not tooo great, but also not too bad. I'm just a mammal, ok? Yes, and i know my nose isn't perfect. :-P

Here's the front. The Joaquin Phoenix scar is not a dueling scar and not a cleft lip!
It was a deep cat scratch when i was a very small child. I absolutely love cats, tho!  

These photos are taken on a very cold day, when i just went in a clothing store and tried on some troughsers. I wear no make up at all. My skin is a bit reddish and swollen because of coming to a warm store from the cold outside.
I'm aware that I'm not perfect and i never said, I'm perfect.

I just wanted to document the before - pictures, here.

That instruction card came with the pore vacuum:

I already tried it. The handling is a little difficult at first. I'm not entirely sure if its too little suction or too much. The suction can hurt a bit.
Is has 3 modes of suction intensities.

Very nasty blackheads still persist, but if too much suction is used it can leave some suction bruises. I really wanna avoid to be full of suction bruises tomorrow! ^^

At first i used it in a way, it felt ok and i didn't tried it too hard.

I washed my face very thorough before, twice. Then i kept my face above the hot watercooker to steam - widen the pores. (unfortunately i have no better way to do that yet)
It really sucked out some dirt, but not very much.
That's the substance that came out:
Its surely from all the Diesel exhausts!

I think i have to wait a certain time and for better light conditions, until I can make a results picture. I don't want to post my fresh after-suction-skin in the bad light here. That's not showing anything, but slightly irritated skin....

The skin is not very irritated and i feels basically good. I will repeat it in a few days. When i see changes of my skin, ill tell you that here.

Buy a pore vacuum here in red, black or white:
pore vacuum red, black, white 16,59$

Buy a pore vacuum in pink:
pore vacuum pink, 14$

I used it twice now. It removed some dirt after i washed my face very thorough and my pores look much cleaner now! I like it very much! The pores are much less visible and I've never seen my skin on the nose so pure! Very sturdy impurities don't wanna get sucked out tho, yet. Maybe i need more experience and sklill using the device.
I also ordered a black head softening fluid now and will try out if the pores get even cleaner with it.
It leads to only minimal irritation and only if i vacuum an area to often or too long. I used it mainly on the nose. I dont think it can be harmful if used with care and common sense.
I'm very satisfied with it! With more experience and skill, this could really be the perfect solution to clean my pores to perfect skin!
I'm glad i ordered it and can recommend it so far.
Pictures of my nose will follow but please have patience.

What the.....?

I somehow have a weird "pixel" on my blog. Its visible in some entries. I have no idea, what happend there.

Does soemone know what is this?

Resistant starch from Potato tornados - terrible idea


Because i cant help myself but to really doubt that cooling for 5 hour will reduce the calories of ramen by half, i decided to make resistant starch from a snack that i really love - potato tornadoes!

Potato tornadoes are a wonderful fastfood, even suitable for weightloss if oil is used sparse.
i bought an oil sprayer just to bake low fat potato tornadoes! i can really recommend oil sprayer for everyone who wants to bake with only little oil.

The other great thing of potato tornadoes is, that they are healthy. The potatoes doesn't need to be cooked, to dispense their vitamins in to the cooking water that will only be poured away. The best thing to cook potatoes is to sizzle them with very little oil or to bake them with very little oil or even no oil.
Please don't bake potatoes in tin foil, I'm not sure that the aluminum isn't going into the potatoes. Please avoid ALL aluminum, since its considered to be a potential cause of neurodegenerative diseases.

Here some arousing pictures of delicious potato tornadoes first of all:

Oh dear, they are so yummy!

The top is crispy like potato chips and the other areas are soft.
A perfect composition!!!

I spray them thinly with the oil sprayer and sprinkle some potato fries spices on them. Paprika, curry, onion, pepper, cumin, chili, garlic and so on...

Then i bake them at 392 degree Fahrenheit until toe top side get brown edges.
better don't bake them too crispy, because it WILL be higher in acrylamide then. (Which is so far, the only disadvantage of this delicious snack)

 Another picture with my hand as a measuring scale.

To home make these precious potato snacks, you only need such a crank:
If your skilled with your hands, you will be able to make very good potato tornadoes, just with that. That thingy only costs about 1$.^^ (I recommend to buy a few, because mine broke after 4 month of frequent use^^)

I'm sure, that's the cheapest link:
 Buy spiral cutter for only 0,75$

And here the oil sprayer, too:
Oil sprayer 6,65$

Cheapest link i found.
Btw.: You cant use a normal spraybottle to spray oil, believe my, i already tried it.

Metal skewers 10 pc 3$

(the same that i have)

These are the potato tornadoes that i baked yesterday evening.

I intended to put them in the fridge overnight.

I was skeptical.

They look really nice in the box, though.

(The picture is taken immediately after their were baked)

Now i came home, looking forward to eat yummiest potato tornadoes with lots of resistant starch and even their calories decimated. ^^

I opened the box, that has been in the fridge the whole time:

Here's how they changed:

I ate a few and unluckily I'm not very pleased. No crisp anymore. And the taste is also not good. Its hard to describe, but somehow the tastes remembers to raw potatoes. Also the consistency became somehow floury in a way that wasn't good.

I'm not very happy to announce that potato tornadoes doenst commend themselves as a good resistant starch fastfood.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Resistant starch from ramen noodles?



Recently i read a lot about resistant starch and the more i read the more it fascinates me.

The gut is so important for the whole body and also even mental health, we all should care well for out gut.
Its such a great thing that we easily can nourish good bacteria in our gut, by simple letting our food cool down a while before we eat it!

That brought me to an idea. You know that i really love instant ramen noodles, even tho im a health enthusiast?
Today i just thought why not cooking ramen in the morning and then eating it in the evening, to create resistant starch in it. I wonder if the ramen noodles get more nutritional value then and have much less calories. Oh dear, that would be a dream! feasting ramen without bad consciousness!

Maybe its just a desperate hope that instant ramen could be healthier and a self deceit as well^^ Hahahahahah!

I'm a sly self deceiver.^^ (But i always immediately notice it)

Unluckily research among resistant start is still at the beginning. The theory, that the calories of  carbohydrates HALF then, sound very very dared if you ask me.

Nobody can tell my how much less calories my ramen noodles now had, then fresh made, hot noodles.
I only can see the result on the weighing scale if i do that more often.

Well, lets always try to do it from now, on when cook ramen. The only problem is, that cooking ramen makes me incredible hungry and then i cant help myself but devouring everything immediately.

My favourite ramen tastes very great if its cold and not freshly cooked. Sometimes even better. Perfect!
My favourite ramen is of course..... can you guess it? ^^
Yes, ist samyang buldak bokkeum meyon.

For my first trial to create resistant starch in ramen noodles in made with a ramen variety that is intended to be served cold. Its of course Samyang Ice type *laughter*

 The ready cooked noodles with chinese morel, with goji berries and scallion. And also a slice of processed cheese melted into the noodles.

I let it in the fridge for about 5 hours at least.
Then i poured the sauce over it and garnished with bacon and dried laver flakes.

Here is the incredibly yummy result:

While i ate it, i really hoped not to gain weight.

Are you interested in nutrition? Do you know more about resistant starch? Do you thing i can make resistant starch out of ramen noodles, and i yes, how much?

How much calories will reduce?

The whole Noodle dish (without any garnish) has 600 kcal total.
What you you think how much it will have, when cooled for 5 hours?

300? That would be my dream came true, honestly.  Hahahahhahahahhah!

Now, to make your mouth watery here are some ery delicios ramen pics:
(i know, im mean)

Its all Samyang on all the pictures.

My god, i love ramen.

Comment if you think the calories get reduced with the resistant starch method! (And how much you think, the calories get reduced)

And if you think now: My god, that person must be obese from all the ramen...
No, my BMI is 19,4.
I really eat it rarely.
But if i eat it, its like birthday and christmas together.